150+ Websites to promote your Startup or Side Project

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We launched Product Gears a short time ago and like any project that is in its first few weeks of life, our main concern is to get our product in front of as many customers as possible to gather feedback.

This pain is not something exclusive to Product Gears, so I took this opportunity to make my 60+ hours dedicated to promoting the startup something a little more productive.

Besides looking for places to promote our product, little by little I created a list with 165 websites, to be exact, where you can also promote your Startup.

So check it out. 🚀

Get the whole database

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Just make sure to mention us if you are going to publish it. 😉

How was this list built?

I created this list with Product Gears itself in mind, so I had three goals in mind when putting together the list:

  1. Sell my product
  2. Gain some traffic;
  3. Collect feedback about the product;

Along with these goals I had some clear criteria, as there are some limitations to achieving these goals. These criteria would be:

  1. Free 💸
  2. Simple to submit

Just putting together the list had already taken a few days, I didn’t want to invest even more time in submitting in something bureaucratic. Also, I’m not looking to spend money on something uncertain so none of the sites should cost to submit.

How to better launch on each channel?


Before launching your Startup to every directory, remember to prepare some data that will be requested on almost every site:

  1. Website URL
  2. Your Logo
  3. Target market segment
  4. Between 3 to 5 screenshots of your products
  5. Product video (Not required, but it will highlight your product).
  6. Founding year
  7. Founder(s) data
  8. Both brief & long descriptions
  9. Who’s the product for / What problems it solves
  10. What makes your business different from competitors


Sites that are in this category are directly linked to a type of business, so be sure that your product solves a pain for what they are looking for.

Devs & Designs

In the communities that are in between the design and dev categories, you’ll find sites that are far more technical and that expect your product to solve one of their needs.

So before launching and simply polluting the community, be clear on how your project solves something for that kind of persona. Here are some other tips:

  • Don’t write in a marketing, sales, or PR style. 
  • Be part of the community, contribute.
  • Write in an accurate, personal, and reasonable way about what problem you solve.
  • Don’t talk big: “we’re going to be huge!”. Be relatable: “we’re just like you!”.

Another good tip is to take a look at this guide on how best to launch on Hacker News.

Subreddits, Facebook and Slack

Subreddits work like communities, but unlike Product Hunt or Indie Hackers people will not necessarily be interested in you self promoting your product.

So remember to look at the rules of each subreddit, be respectful and for those you can’t self-promote, create good content and be part of the community.


News outlets are one of the most difficult to be addressed. However, they are constantly looking for new content and hot technology to capture the next week’s pageview.

This category depends a lot on your ability to tell a great story about your project and how interesting it is. Before contacting any of the outlets, have a story/guest post in your hands that is interesting and has between 500 and 2000 words.

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